Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is currently the most reliable avalible broadband in the UK. Running fibre cables right into your property allowing for speeds of upto 900mbps to be achieved

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We’re using more connected devices than ever. That means households need faster, more reliable Upbyte broadband. Upbyte is the fastest broadband connection available, using Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology. It delivers significantly faster speeds than other broadband packages, including superfast broadband. Better average speeds ensure a smoother online experience, even with multiple devices connected. If your home is filled with the latest smart tech and you spend your days gaming, streaming, and video calling, an Upbyte Fibre broadband connection is essential.

Visual diagram of the different types of fibre broadband

FTTP Packages

FTTP Fibre 300

Ideal speed for keeping your home ticking with all the family streaming, gaming and browsing at once

300 MPBS

£40 p/m


FTTP Fibre 500

Abit more power, perfect for the work from homers or slightly larger families who are tech mad 

500 MPBS

£45 p/m


FTTP Fibre 900

Say goodbye to buffering with our most popular package, perfect for both homes and businesses

900 MPBS

£55 p/m


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FTTP With Upbyte

upto 900Mbps
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FTTP is quite simply the best solution in areas that are compatible, with extremly high speeds and a robust connection Upbyte can get you connected

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