Ethernet Line Broadband (ELB)

Ethernet Line Broadband (ELB) is an alternative Fibre Broadband connection, dedicating the existing phone infrastructure to data only with broadband speeds not achievable with ADSL.

What is SoGEA

SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) allows businesses to acquire broadband connections independently, eliminating the requirement for a telephone line. It will be accessible in areas currently covered by FTTC, excluding locations with full fiber availability. This ensures that, following the complete shutdown of the analog telephone network, numerous businesses will retain reliable broadband access. This not only meets their connectivity requirements but also enables them to leverage services such as Digital Voice and CloudComms.

Ou rELB Fibre Packages

Essential ELB


Per Month
Package Features

All the essentials you need to connect your business


Average download speed 67Mbps

18 Month Contract

Migration/Restart New Line £15

Additional IP addresses from £11/month

Business ELB


Per Month
Package Features

The ultimate package for Businesses that need bullet proof connectivity


4G Backup

Average download speed 67Mbps

Upgraded router with faster WiFi

24 Month Contract

Migration/Restart New Line £35

Additional IP addresses from £9/month

Why ELB Broadband?

With all the speed and reliability advantages of FTTC, ELB fibre broadband is high quality internet connectivity.

GFAST The Business Alternative ELB Connection

G Fast is one of the latest broadband technologies. It is a copper-based broadband services, an alternative form of ELB Broadband. Those who take advantage of G Fast can experience faster speeds than Fibre to the Cabinet (FFTC) which can reach up to 350mbps. When avalible G FAST is the ideal business alternative to installing fibre. If your business is in an FTTC enabled area and you are located up to 500m from the cabinet, you could receive broadband speeds of up to 350Mbps with Upbytes G Fast offering.

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Up To 350mbps Download

Perfect For Business Use

Install & Support Inclusive

Our Promise

We aim to supply a package to suit the needs of all users, whether that’s ELB, FTTP or another solution. If there is something you don’t see here get in touch and we will do everything we can to help.

We personally manage every install for all of our customers. This is included with your package, this way you don’t need to worry about anything going wrong and our skilled engineers will make sure your set up and good to go in a timely fashion.

We offer free support for all customers including call outs. Upbyte has been described as being big enough to impress but small enough to care. Our support engineers are just a phone call away, no long hold times, talk to a real person at Upbyte.

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