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Upbyte Fibre is part of the Obedio Internet Services family, offering our community the best fibre broadband avalible

Our Story

Helping businesses stay connected

Born out of necessity, our owner and Managing Director chose to reside in the stunning Peak District National Park, relying initially on BT’s promise of a reliable broadband service. However, the reality fell short. Armed with years of IT experience and thorough research into broadband services, the solution came in the form of Notspot broadband which has now been further developed to offer UpByte Fibre.

Struggling with broadband challenges themselves, the local community noticed the successful implementation of a mix of Notspot and UpByte Fibre in this rural area.

Through transparent communication, unwavering service, and an approachable attitude, UpByte Fibre has emerged as a significant player in the national Fibre broadband landscape. What distinguishes us is our commitment to being a versatile organisation, offering a diverse range of solutions and expertise in the realm of fiber-optic broadband.

Our uniqueness lies in the investment we’ve made to become a multi-faceted entity, catering to various needs. If you are in need of reliable and high-speed broadband, UpByte Fibre is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient connectivity experience.


Lawrence Hill Upbyte & Obedio CEO

Over 30 years in IT and not showing his age, or so he thinks. Lawrence has a wealth of IT skill and industry experience and has developed, and grown, a number of very successful companies. Being awarded industry entrepreneur of the year on two occasions and receiving recognition for directing one of the fastest growing companies in the UK IT industry.

Living in the Peak District National park, Lawrence knows from first hand experience how difficult it can be to maintain a good broadband service in such remote areas.

Which is why he prides his business on morals of his own. Being easy to deal with and always available with a hands on approach to business and customer service.

Our Obedio Family


Our VoIP service is the perfect solution to help you switch over to VoIP before landlines are irradicated by 2025

Notspot Broadband

Notspot broadband provide the perfect broadband solution to rural areas that fibre cant reach

Ultra SIM

Business class SIM cards packed with a bundle of first class features to suit all your possible needs

Jelled WiFi

Enterprise WiFi coverage and management, ensuring you have a strong connection throughout you property 

Happy customers

Moved into my new home and was only offered extremely poor speeds with BT. Contacted their office which was a refreshing experience, as I was not put on hold for twenty minutes listening to random music. An engineer was booked for the following week. One week later as promised the magnificent Gareth and C.E.O Lawrence arrived to install everything as planned. They were very professional and everything was ready to go within two hours. I can’t thank them enough. We can know download movies, my son can use his PS4, and I can work from home 👍

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First-Class customer support

From the moment you contact any of the Obedio brands we promise to do everything in our power to be able to when and wherever possible. Through our fleet of engineers and our friendly customer support team